Theater Toolkit integrates with many third-party solutions to create a seamless transition during the customer purchase process. Our "behind-the-scenes" integrations with our integration partners allows for a smooth and easy experience for the end user (customer). Our integration partners are a key piece of the business transactions that allows us to accomplish the end goal of a great consumer experience. This quick and easy process allows our clients to realize higher conversion rates and increased business from those end user customers.

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Theater Toolkit third-party integrations

Integrated checkout process



Our streamlined checkout process starts with showtime selection, filtered by date. Showtime buttons are even outfitted with a handy fullness meter, so users can find out how full a theater is before they select their seats.

Integrated Checkout - Showtimes

Seat Selection

The next step is mobile-responsive seat selection. Our crystal-clear graphic interface allows the user to know which seats are selectable, which are already reserved, and more, all at a single glance. With Theater Toolkit, your customers will never be left scratching their heads at confusing graphics and complicated legends again.

Integrated Checkout - Seat Selection

Ticket selection

Theater Toolkit ensures that your users are buying the tickets they want, to the show they want, at the location they want—plain and simple. Other solutions steep the checkout process in ambiguity, leaving the customer to wonder at every step what showtime and which location they're purchasing tickets for. Not so with Theater Toolkit, which at all times displays the showing date and location clearly and prominently at the top of the screen.

Ticket types are automatically pulled from your point of sale and listed alongside their price in a simple and intuitive interface. All of this culminates in one thing that those third-party solutions are hard-pressed to provide: buyer confidence.

Integrated Checkout - Ticket selection

Simple payment

Theater Toolkit eschews complicated multi-step, hassle-heavy payment processes for a payment screen that is simple, intuitive, and minimal. From a single screen the customer can find their order total, select multiple payment types, and fill in the required information in only seconds. This process is wired directly to your point of sale, so you no longer have to worry about collecting payment from an outside source.

How’s that for simple?

Integrated Checkout - Simple payment


Theater Toolkit's order confirmation page is printer-friendly, mobile-friendly, and user-friendly. Receipts are automatically sent via email to the customer, so receiving tickets is as effortless as it should be.

Theater Toolkit offers you and your customers peace of mind, so you can worry about what matters: running an awesome venue.

Integrated Checkout - confirmation

Theater Toolkit’s ticket-purchasing process is built directly into the website and streamlined to significantly reduce checkout time.

Our beautifully designed user interface guides the end user (customer) step-by-step through the checkout process with simple and intuitive navigation. There is no needless clutter to disrupt the purchasing process. With Theater Toolkit, the customer remains on your website throughout the entire checkout. The customer can complete the purchase from seat selection to payment confirmation in under 3 minutes.

Don’t lose another customer to ineffective third-party solutions. . . use Theater Toolkit!

Integrated Payment options

Through our Partnership with CLOVER CONNECT, Theater Toolkit is now able to offer more options to our clients when it comes to payment processing. This allows additional benefits and features to be available for the end user. These benefits include easy payments with a wallet in their profile, recurring payments for VIP/Loyalty Programs and Rewards, convenience of wrapping your tickets and food purchases into one transaction. . . .etc.

Integrated Payment options

Integrated Loyalty Programs

Theater Toolkit has created an integrated Loyalty Program option with Venue Valet’s Engage system. This integrated Loyalty Program allows for flexible options when earning and also when using your reward points/rewards.

Integrated Loyalty Programs

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