About Us

The Theater Toolkit Team

A Small Company With Big Ambitions

We are a team of web designers, software developers, and internet marketers who are passionate about technology.

After noticing a massive shift in the movie theater industry, we were inspired to create Theater Toolkit: a unique product and CMS that offers theater owners a comprehensive online marketing and ticket-selling solution.

Our mission for Theater Toolkit is simple: to give you, the theater owner, control over your patrons’ online experience, and help you grow your brand and business with minimal effort on your part, all while staying committed to your business's message, maximizing your promotional potential, and accelerating your client metrics.

You won't find many technology companies like Theater Toolkit—and we wear our uniqueness as a badge of pride. At Theater Toolkit, we are more than just our software—we are a cross-functional and cross-disciplinary team, knowledgeable in infrastructure solutions, application development, website and graphic design, and internet marketing.

We go above and beyond to give you and your customers an unrivaled experience, providing you with top-tier service and professionally designed web technologies, all while ensuring that your business never falls behind the ever-shifting trends.

In short, we're a bunch of people committed to turning your venue into the awesome online contender it was meant to be.

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