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Chase Nielsen Aug 28, 2020
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Many movie theaters across the country are beginning the process of re-opening their doors and welcoming patrons back into their socially distanced and safe environments. It seems like forever ago we were able to sit down with friends, family, or complete strangers and enjoy a movie together. However, this industry is resilient, and we have watched as theater owners find new ways to keep moving forward.

Our very own Galaxy Theatres, Showplace Cinemas, and Roadhouse Cinemas preparing to re-open, or in some cases open entirely new locations as soon as this weekend August 28th!

Galaxy Theatres New Theater & Private Screenings

Galaxy Theatres is opening an exciting new theater "Grandscape" located in The Colony, TX. The facility is amazing, and you should check it out.

We also thought this was fun! Galaxy is offering a private screening option, where you and up to 20 of your closest friends or family select a classic movie, pay $99,and reserve your very own auditorium. Just another way you can get back to the movies at your own comfort level.

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Showplace Cinemas is Re-Opening

Showplace Cinemas is primed and ready to re-open locations this weekend. With 8 locations across Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky, they are excited to be coming back from the shutdown with the new website. They have dine in “Royal Suites”, and a full family entertainment center at select locations. Check them out!

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Roadhouse has reached Colorado Springs

Roadhouse Cinemas is proud to announce the opening of their brand-new location in Colorado Springs! Coupled with the RailYard Gaming and Gastropub, the new location is an exciting addition to their current locations.

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Star Cinema Grill's Brand new Drive-in Theater

Star Cinema Grill has built their very first Drive-in theater, and as Jason Ostrow would say, “better late than never!”

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With the help of great organizations such as Cinema Safe (Covid-19 guidelines) and many more, the movies are back! Safety is the focus,and will remain the focus adhering to all CDC, state, and local regulations.

Since we were last together enjoying the movies a lot of change has occurred, but with change comes great opportunity. It is time for a new beginning, and it is time to get back to the movies.

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