Chase Nielsen Nov 12, 2020
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Our team is excited to announce Voucher support is now live! Time to get rid of messy paper trails, and outdated binders. Theater Toolkit has streamlined the entire voucher process, making tracking and redeeming vouchers simple and completely integrated with your Vista or RTS system.

Theater Toolkit Voucher support has several key benefits

Do vouchers really help my business?

You can use Theater Toolkit Vouchers to replace manager vouchers issued to customers that are currently tracked via paper. Vouchers can also be issued as “store credit” for customers that want to refund a seat, without having to credit back directly to their credit card. Vouchers can be used for a seat that might be a higher value than the issued voucher value, prompting the customer to “buy up” the difference, giving you the best of both worlds! We have tons of possibilities, and even more fun ideas in the works!

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