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TheaterToolkit Team Apr 5, 2022
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Food and Beverage ordering has become a main topic for theater owners to expand their revenue stream.  This expansion has led to a variety of solutions on the market.  This ordering process can be during the online checkout, on location, or in seat.  The in-seat option has become more popular as technology allows the customer to order food from their seat without the inconvenience of having to miss the show.  The traditional waiter/server option creates a distraction but ordering directly from a cell phone allows fewer interruptions and higher order accuracy.  The customer can scan a QR code at their seat and process the order to their exact specifications.  The order can even be paid for using a stored credit card for a smooth checkout without the pain of waiting for a check to be delivered.  Once scanned, the QR links to the menu and the customer selects the food and beverage desired. 

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