Dine-In Cinema Summit 2022

TheaterToolkit Team Jan 28, 2022
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Cinema Summit
The 2022 Dine-In Cinema Summit was held in Houston this year.  As always, hosted by Venue Valet owners, Matt and Amy Mader.  They did a first-class job with this event.  The four-day event featured various industry speakers and highlighted 4 local venues.  These venues were able to showcase their kitchen layouts and provide food for the entire entourage of guests.  These meals provided attendees a variety of examples.

The Dine-In Cinema Summit stands out amongst other events due to the close nature of participation from all attendees and host venues alike.  The shared industry knowledge makes everyone better.  The relationships built during this event truly benefit all parties involved.

Once again Theater Toolkit was front and center, as all participants were using the Tradeshow App.  This customizable Tradeshow App contains all details of the show and is literally placed into the hands of those attending the event.  The Tradeshow App features a complete schedule of events, maps to important destinations, speaker bios, and sponsor recognition.  Theater Toolkit received a great deal of positive feedback from the Tradeshow App being informative and easy to use.  Dine-In Cinema Summit was a success!

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