3 Ways Your Site Speed Affects Your Bottom Line

Courtney Cramer and Kyle Jorve Jul 27, 2018
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First, a Story

Picture this: You go to a theater, find the perfect movie and showtime, and walk up to the box office to purchase tickets. Then, quite unexpectedly, the attendant tells you that you’ll have to go to a separate location to complete your transaction—and this other location doesn’t look anything like the theater you’re currently in. In fact, the other store has reputedly terrible customer service. And, even worse, they charge you a few extra dollars for the privilege of handing them your money.

You protest. “Why do I have to check out somewhere else?”

“Because,” the attendant tells you, “our box office is not capable of processing sales.”

Sound familiar? Well if you’ve ever bought tickets online, it should. There is a myriad of third-party ticket-purchasing solutions out there, but they all have two things in common: terrible user experience and steep “convenience” fees. The bottom line is, this hurts your bottom line. Thankfully, Theater Toolkit is here to help.

Theater Toolkit will never direct your users to a third-party solution. Instead, we keep the user grounded to your website, which has been well oiled and finely tuned to provide a crazy fast checkout experience.

Theater Toolkit and Site Speed

Customers have more options than ever before when it comes to viewing movies and purchasing tickets online. With that in mind, it is absolutely essential that your website is as fast as it can be. Studies clearly demonstrate that slow site speed is a major factor in determining whether a user will continue to browse through your site, let alone make a purchase. Most users will not spend more than two seconds waiting for a website to load. Yes, that’s right: two seconds.

At Theater Toolkit, our developers and designers take this into consideration from the beginning, ensuring that site speed does not diminish user experience. Theater Toolkit uses a special caching system which records your point of sale’s data at specific intervals. In practical terms, this means that users never have to wait to select seats, view showtimes, or make payments. The relevant data is just there, waiting for them.

In short, Theater Toolkit creates:

  1. Happy guests

    Ever left a store because the checkout line was too long? Ever left a website because the page took too long to load—or just didn’t?

    Site design matters, but site speed matters more—and without it, burdensome load times are all but guaranteed to cost you in sales. Luckily, with Theater Toolkit you’ll be provided with a website that is both functional and formal.

    Find out today how Theater Toolkit can give your guests the headache-free user experience they deserve—don’t worry, there’s no obligation.

  2. Increased Sales and Conversions

    A slow website simply will not drive sales—in fact, it can be a real hindrance to them. Inversely, a reduction in load times by just 3 seconds has shown to increase annual revenues by 7-12%. More conversions means more credibility—which leads to more customers and even more conversions.

    Users don’t want to spend their time struggling to navigate your website. A site that takes 3 seconds to load gets 22% fewer conversions than a site that loads in one second. Theater Toolkit compresses images, CSS, and JavaScript without sacrificing quality, minimizes the use of third-party tools, and keeps a constant cache of point of sale data to serve it up fast. All of this culminates in whip-quick site speeds and an effortless increase in sales.

    Take advantage of Theater Toolkit’s tried and tested software solution today, and don’t get left in the dust.

  3. Higher Search Engine Rankings

    Currently, the majority of online shopping is done with a mobile device—and this includes movie ticket sales. But mobile-responsiveness hardly matters if potential customers can’t find your site in the first place.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an absolute imperative if you’re looking to sell tickets online. Fortunately, Theater Toolkit has you covered there, as well. A key piece of SEO is site speed—in fact, Google will automatically drop your ranking if your site isn’t fast enough or its mobile experience isn’t up to par. That’s why Theater Toolkit was built mobile-first and fine-tuned for maximum site speed.

    Allowing your site to decline in a search engine’s rankings is only going to help your competition. Don’t let your site fall behind. See how Theater Toolkit can help your theater’s search engine rankings today.

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