3 Reasons Your Online Ticket Sales are Tanking

Courtney Cramer and Kyle Jorve Aug 10, 2018
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  1. You aren’t upfront about total costs

    Did you know that 75% of lost sales online are due to cart abandonment? Did you also know that roughly 25% of customers who abandon their carts cite an unexpected cost as their reason?

    When you are completely transparent about service fees or extra charges, it builds a foundation of trust between you and the guest. Unexpected fees make your customers feel pressured to make last-minute decisions and engenders feelings of distrust.

    Not only does Theater Toolkit keep your patrons on your website during the entire checkout process, but we also place emphasis on important pieces of information—including extra costs. And, unlike most ticket platforms, Theater Toolkit doesn’t drag your sales down with exorbitant tacked-on “convenience” fees.

  2. Your checkout process is confusing and/or the interface is distracting

    Another 28% of online shoppers will abandon your site’s checkout process if it is too long, too confusing, or isn’t optimized for mobile. The solution is clear: make sure your checkout experience is intuitive, seamlessly integrated into your website, and responsive to all device sizes.

    Your checkout experience should be designed to ask the user for only the information you absolutely need. The longer the checkout and the greater the number of questions, the more likely your customers are to abandon it before payment. Unnecessary questions can also cause the user to feel as though their privacy is being invaded, which will cause them to question the security and trustworthiness of your website.

    Minimalism is a good rule of thumb when designing a checkout interface. Keep the user focused on the current step, make it clear what information they need to provide, and keep questions to a minimum.

    All of this is why Theater Toolkit comes packaged with a simple, intuitive ticket-purchasing system that is built directly into the website. Furthermore, our entire web solution was created with a mobile-first mentality and refined to maximize the quality of the user experience.

    We highlight showtimes and venue location and give the customer a transparent breakdown of the cost of their tickets, so they are never left wondering what it is they’re paying for. In each step of the process the purpose is made crystal clear and the questions are kept to an absolute minimum so time to checkout completion is reduced to mere minutes.

  3. You force your users to create accounts to complete payment

    37% of online consumers will abandon your site’s checkout if they are forced to create an account. Convenience is the key here—your customers want to be able to access your product quickly and with predictable results. Once again, the solution is obvious: include a guest checkout option and do not pressure your users to create an account.

    Your customer values their time—you should, too. That is why Theater Toolkit provides both a guest and VIP checkout option, which keeps control over the checkout experience in your patrons’ hands. Creation of a VIP account comes with exclusive perks and benefits, which entices your customers instead of deterring them. The crucial difference here is that your guests are never forced to create an account just to buy tickets.

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