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Tailored and branded for your theater, Theater Toolkit is a mobile-first modern website solution with streamlined ticket purchasing. Theater Toolkit integrates seamlessly with your point-of-sale system, and helps you manage your online brand easily and painlessly.

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Mobile-First Checkout

Never direct your patrons to an outside ticketing site again—Theater Toolkit was designed from the ground up to streamline ticket purchases on mobile devices.

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Simple, hands-off integration

Theater Toolkit integrates with your point-of-sale system (NCR, RTS, Vista, Veez, Filmbot, etc.) to update your website seamlessly and in real time, so you can sell tickets fast.

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Big Theater Look,
Small Theater Costs

Your theater deserves a professional yet cost-effective website that improves your patrons’ experience and provides a pain-free ticket-purchasing platform.

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What is Theater Toolkit?

Theater Toolkit is a content management system integrated with your point of sale system to enhance your patrons' movie-going experience. Learn more by watching the video.

Why Theater Toolkit?

The internet is changing rapidly—and the way people are accessing it is, too. Mobile devices have become the primary internet-browsing platform for most, which has left many theater owners either scrambling to develop costly solutions or relying heavily on outdated third-party tools to stay competitive.

Not only is Theater Toolkit extremely cost-effective, but patrons will never be directed to an outside site to complete their ticket purchases. This leaves the user experience entirely within your control—as it should be.

Point of Sale Integrations

Do you use NCR, RTS, Vista, Veezi, or any other point of sale system? No problem! Theater Toolkit was built with extreme flexibility in mind, so users can get the same seamless front-end experience no matter what your POS provider happens to be.

Mobile First Design

The Theater Toolkit checkout process was designed to work with desktop computers and mobile devices alike, allowing your users to have a great ticket-purchasing experience no matter what device they're browsing on.

Modern, Branded Interface

At Theater Toolkit, we believe that your customer's movie-going experience begins with your website. Our modern website designs are tailored to match your theater's brand and help improve your customer’s experience, turning first-time visitors into repeat customers.

Optimized Movie Pages

Having a beautiful website and streamlined checkout process is only a piece of the Theater Toolkit solution. After all, what good is a great user experience if potential customers can never find it? Theater Toolkit follows best search engine optimization practices, allowing search engines to find your theater’s website easily and rank it among the top contenders in your region.

A Growing List of Features

Theater Toolkit already has a long list of great features that theater owners can take advantage of immediately, but we aren't stopping there. With the ever-shifting landscape of technology, we know that Theater Toolkit can only be as good as our ability to keep up with your customers' demands. That is why we will continue to grow, adding new features as the market changes, and keeping up with your and your patrons' expectations.

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