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Introducing Theater Toolkit

Theater Toolkit is a premium turnkey website CMS, fully integrated with Cinema Solutions by NCR. With Theater Toolkit, venues get a professional, highly customizable website that’s mobile responsive and includes advanced features not available with other solutions.

Intuitive, Mobile-First Design

Over half of users check out on a mobile device.

Theater Toolkit was designed with mobile in mind. That's why our checkout process was built mobile-first.

Simple, Four-Step Checkout Process

From showtime selection to payment confirmation, checkout with Theater Toolkit takes under 3 minutes.

Showtime Selection

Our streamlined user experience starts with a showtime selection, filtered by date. You can even find out how full the theater is, before you select your seats.

1 Showtime Selection
2 Seat Selection

Seat Selection

Mobile-responsive seat selection. Our crystal-clear graphic interface allows the user to know which seats are selectable, which are already reserved, and more, all at a single, split-second glance.

Simple Payment

It's all here. no more multi-step, hassle-heavy payment process. One screen. Minimal inputs. From top to bottom, payment takes seconds.

3 Simple Payment
4 Payment Confirmation


Printer-friendly, mobile-friendly. Receipts are automatically sent to the user, so receiving tickets is as effortless as it should be.

System Features

There's more to Theater Toolkit than meets the eye. Check out these other features that your customers are sure to love.

See how full the theater is, at a glance.

No more advancing to the next screen to find out that the theater is too full - your customers have all the information here, on one page, at a single glance. The way it should be.

What's playing next?

Data is automatically populated the moment it's entered into NCR. Now, updating all of your movies is done in one single place. No hassle, no worries, all convenience.

Each movie gets its own screen. Automatically.

Want to see a trailer, read the synopsis, and view all available showtimes for a single movie, all on one page? Now you can. Theater Toolkit puts control in the user's hands, instead of getting in the way with pesky multi-screen navigations.

Multiple payment types. One screen.

Have giftcards? Paying with a credit card? How about both? Now your customers can pay instantly, however they choose. Checkout is quick and painless, regardless of the payment type.

Theater Fullness


Coming Soon

Movie Pages

Movie Pages
Movie Pages

Payment Types


Theater Toolkit is fully integrated with Cinema Solutions by NCR, so your site's speed will be faster than ever.

Theater Toolkit uses a special caching method that means less weight-lifting for the server, and lightning-speed transactions for your customers. But don't take our word for it. See what our clients' customers are saying about Theater Toolkit.

I just want to let you know that I LOVE the new format for purchasing tickets. I used to get so frustrated with the process of finding the movie, time and right number of seats for my group. I love that you can see how full a movie will be at a specific time, and what seats are available in a really quick and easy fashion. Great job! Thanks for making the reservation process so much easier.

— Kerri

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new features on the website! So much easier to pick a movie and know if there will be seats available! YOU ALL ROCK!

— Linda

The new website navigation is great! Thanks for the improvement.

— Sam

First impression of new web site of and online ticket sales interface: it looks fantastic and is very functional/easy to understand! Love the graphs/percentage full for the movie times, easy to select seats and figure out what the love seat configuration is. This is a great improvement!

— Frans

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